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Design Consulting

Hourly Design Rates

Lead Designer                                                                                              $65/hr

   Junior Designer                                                                                             $35/hr   

Hourly Design Rates cover an array of services from scaling a layout, sourcing furniture, lighting, and materials, picking out paint, accessorizing your home, and more.

**Mileage rates may apply

Window Treatment Consult (within 30 mile radius)                                1 hour                          $45

Window Treatment Consult (30-60 mile radius)                                      1 hour                          $65


With this, you will get on-site guidance on window treatment styles and discuss/see possible product options we think are well suited for your windows.

Paint Consult (within 30 mile radius)                                                     30 Min                         $25

Paint Consult (30-60 mile radius)                                                            30 Min                         $45

With this, we will come on-site and give you guidance on color schemes to compliment the rooms in your home.


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