Working Together

Design Consulting

The Process

1. We visit your space to discuss how you want this room to function and what type of style you desire, and then we take notes on certain locations of plumbing, vents, and other permanent details. In this meeting, we share advice on the layout, discuss options available, and gather measurements. This in-home consultation allows us to get a true understanding and feeling of the main goal for this space.
2. After the consultation, all of the information gathered is put to use for coming up with a new layout. Normally, the redesigning of the layout is done for remodels. However, if it is a new build, we gather the architect's plans and then design the space by choosing the materials: tiles, countertops, backsplash, paint, window treatments, hardwood flooring, carpet, etc. 
3. Once the layout is approved by the client and contractors, we begin designing the space with tiles, wallpaper, window treatments, paint, flooring, and etc.
4. After the initial meeting, approval, and revisions, we will then schedule our clients, collect a down payment, and create a work order with all of the needed materials.
5. The materials will be ordered, and a meeting will be scheduled with the installers. The installers do not install sheetrock/mud work, plumbing, electrical, or reconstruct walls. These duties are contracted out to other professionals in those areas.